a better way to eliminate credit card debt

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Smart scheduling

Fency pays your credit card early to reduce interest and withdraws the funds from your account weeks later based on your income & expense activity. Never pay late fees again!

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Any credit score

It doesn't matter what your credit score is...we'll help you reduce your credit card debt. The longer you stick with our program the better results you'll see. There are no loans to be approved for.

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Easy to use

We cut your interest rate in half on any card we're helping you pay down. You'll pay less over time. That's what we do! We work with the biggest financial institutions in the country.

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Today is the day...

FencyPay gives anyone the chance to get out of debt.

You don't need to be approved for a loan.

We don't base our decisions on your credit score or what's in your credit report.

Fency members living paycheck to paycheck reduce debt faster than they could on their own...without damaging their credit score.

Start over again...without bankruptcy.
We base our lending decisions on your currenct spending, income, and account activity...not your past credit problems.

We're different.

If you've tried to get a debt consolidation loan or reduce your interest rate and been denied, Fency is for you!

We have a different approach where everyone gets a chance to work their way out of debt.

We're not a debt consolidator/negotiator & we don't force you to close your accounts. We also don't charge insane interest rates.

Fency is only available in the United States

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