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A Community Rewards Payment Platform

Consumers earn FencyCoins (FC for short) when paying with a debit or credit card. Merchants pay ZERO transaction fees on these payments. And any merchant or consumer can trade, spend, and store their FC in the network at NO COST.

1FC = $1 every time you check the balance!

Other merchants validate FC transactions, there's no middle man or bank.

Accept credit cards just like you do now, but with no discount rates on transactions

Customers earn FencyCoins as a reward whenever they pay with their mobile wallet, credit, or debit card

$0 transaction cost to you when buyers pay with FencyCoins

Have FencyCoins, but need cash? We'll buy them back from merchants!

Our proprietary touch/swipe terminal & software included

Quick rundown:

Customer checks out using our swipe/touch terminal at your POS

Customer has FC to cover amount

Fency transfers FC from consumer to merchant at no cost

Merchants spend, reward, or redeem their FC with others in the network


Customer lacks FC to cover amount

Customer "buys" FC from us and it's sent to merchant at no cost

Customer earns 5% FC bonus on credit/debit, redeemable at a later transaction

Process more FC transactions instead of credit cards

Your business won't need a merchant credit card count at all!

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Fency is currently available in the United States

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